Non-invasive prediction of oesophageal varices in patients with cirrhosis secondary to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Author(s): ,
Ian A Rowe
Leeds Institute for Data Analytics, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK
Corresponding author. Address: Leeds Institute for Data Analytics, Room 6.1, Level 6, Clinical Sciences Building, St. James’s University Hospital, Beckett Street, Leeds LS9 7TF, United Kingdom. Tel.: +44 (0)113 206 5667.
Rebecca Jones
Leeds Liver Unit, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Leeds, UK
David Chizhande
Informatics Department, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Leeds, UK
Jessica Shearer
Leeds Liver Unit, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Leeds, UK
EASL LiverTree™. Rowe I. Nov 1, 2018; 256720
Ian A. Rowe
Ian A. Rowe
Journal Abstract
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[1]. S. Petta - Non-invasive prediction of esophageal varices by stiffness and platelet in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease cirrhosis
[2]. Z.M. Younossi - Global epidemiology of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: meta-analytic assessment of prevalence, incidence, and outcomes
[3]. D. Tripathi - UK guidelines on the management of variceal haemorrhage in cirrhotic patients
[4]. R. de Franchis - Expanding consensus in portal hypertension: report of the Baveno VI Consensus Workshop: stratifying risk and individualizing care for portal hypertension
[5]. J.B. Maurice - Validation of the Baveno criteria to identify low risk cirrhotic patients not requiring endoscopic surveillance for varices
[6]. S. Augustin - Expanding the Baveno VI criteria for the screening of varices in patients with compensated advanced chronic liver disease
[7]. J. Bae - Validation of the Baveno VI and the expanded Baveno IV criteria to identify patients who could avoid screening endoscopy

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