Hepatic progenitors in liver regeneration
Author(s): ,
Stuart J. Forbes
Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Corresponding author. Address: Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine, Edinburgh University, 5 Little France Drive, Edinburgh, United Kingdom; Tel.: 07801847444.
Alexander Raven
Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
EASL LiverTree™. Forbes S. 12/01/18; 256780
Prof. Stuart J Forbes
Prof. Stuart J Forbes
Journal Abstract
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[11]. A. Raven - Cholangiocytes act as facultative liver stem cells during impaired hepatocyte regeneration
[12]. K.S. Tummala - Hepatocellular Carcinomas Originate Predominantly from Hepatocytes and Benign Lesions from Hepatic Progenitor Cells

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