Immunotherapy and emerging targets in phase 3
EASL LiverTree™, Sandrine Faivre, 210753
EASL-EASD Symposium: Testing strategies and pathways in NAFLD: Panel Discussion
EASL LiverTree™, Session Speakers, 212772
The Cardiologist perspective
EASL LiverTree™, Christopher D. Byrne, 210741
The road ahead – will novel HBV treatments enter clinics soon? Immunological therapies
EASL LiverTree™, Mala Maini, 210757
Revised 2018 WHO Guidelines for the care and treatment of persons with chronic HCV
EASL LiverTree™, Dr. Marc Bulterys & Dr. Saeed Sadiq Hamid, 214370
The General Practicionner perspective
EASL LiverTree™, Rachel Pryke, 210740
Systemic therapy: Current status and lessons learned from success and failure
EASL LiverTree™, Maria Reig, 210752
Clinicians as key partners in meeting the 2030 elimination goals
EASL LiverTree™, Rakesh Aggarwal, 210746
Stopping NUC therapy before HBsAg loss – a good idea?
EASL LiverTree™, Florian van Boemmel, 210756
Ablation and transarterial approaches. Efficacy vs benefit
EASL LiverTree™, Jens Ricke, 210751
Fighting HBV with limited resources: The global perspective
EASL LiverTree™, Maud Lemoine, 210755
EASL-EASD Symposium: Testing strategies and pathways in NAFLD: Chair
EASL LiverTree™, Laurent Castera, 210736
The Hepatologist perspective
EASL LiverTree™, Lawrence Serfaty, 210738
Monitoring progress towards the elimination of viral hepatitis
EASL LiverTree™, Yvan Hutin, 210744
Short review of unmet needs in HCC treatment
EASL LiverTree™, Jordi Bruix, 210750
Introduction: Aims and open questions in HBV management
EASL LiverTree™, Jörg Petersen, 210754
EASL-WHO symposium: Meeting the 2030 elimination goals of the WHO viral hepatitis strategy: Introduction
EASL LiverTree™, Prof. Tom Hemming Karlsen & Gottfried Hirnschall, 214368
Quantifying the Impact of Achieving the World Health Organization (WHO) Global Health Sector Strategy (GHSS) Goals for Hepatitis C in the EURO Region
EASL LiverTree™, Sarah Blanch, 206383
Forecasting liver disease burden based on a real life cohort of the linked to care patients in Italy. Does the 'underwater portion of the iceberg' matter to reach the WHO HCV eliminating goals in the high HCV prevalent countries?
EASL LiverTree™, Sarah Blach, 206385
Bile duct organogenesis using ECM micropatterning
EASL LiverTree™, Mazari-Arrighi Elsa, 206943
Comparing the prevention gains of different treatment strategies at the global, regional, and country level: a modelling study
EASL LiverTree™, Adam Trickey, 206444
Selective NDRP1 E3 ubiquitin ligase overexpression in inflammatory macrophages using functionalized carbon nanoparticles promotes fibrosis regression in cirrhotic mice
EASL LiverTree™, Pedro Melgar-Lesmes, 206894
Preliminary efficacy and safety of acetyl-CoA carboxylase (ACC) inhibitor GS-0976 in patients with compensated cirrhosis due to NASH
EASL LiverTree™, Mazen Noureddin, 207296
Development and characterization of unique Hepatitis C virus neutralizing antibodies associated with infection outcome
EASL LiverTree™, Shiri Elmedvi Baran, 207745
Interim evaluation and projected impact of the hepatitis C virus elimination program in Georgia
EASL LiverTree™, Aaron Lim, 206373
Nurse-led Clinic for Liver Cirrhotic Patients: Effects on Health Related Quality of Life
EASL LiverTree™, Maria Hjorth, 206837
Effects of a PEGylated fibroblast growth factor 21 variant on steatosis, inflammation, and fibrosis in a mouse model of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis
EASL LiverTree™, Bradley Zinker, 206886
A pan-genotype HCV T cell vaccine, in a simian adenovirus vector, to target T cell epitopes conserved across multiple HCV genotypes
EASL LiverTree™, Timothy Donnison, 207749
Scale-up of the national HCV screening and treatment program in Indonesia: data from Jakarta, West Java and Central Java
EASL LiverTree™, Jilian Sacks, 206400
Human amnion epithelial cells reduce liver fibrosis via effects on macrophages phenotype and liver progenitor cells in murine liver injury
EASL LiverTree™, Majid Alhomrani, 206902
Effet of bariatric surgery in biopsy-proven NASH patients after 5 years
EASL LiverTree™, Guillaume Lassailly, 207293
Seeking genetic determinants of resistance to hepatitis C virus infection in a highly resistant cohort
EASL LiverTree™, Daniel Felmlee, 207669
The impact of EMR modification and a multi-disciplinary care team on the hepatitis C care cascade of a US Federally Qualified Health Center
EASL LiverTree™, Lora Magaldi, 206405
Human skin-derived precusor cells: a potential source for cellular therapy of the liver
EASL LiverTree™, Joery De Kock, 206941
Statin inhibits HDV assembly, secretion, and large hepatitis delta antigen-Smad3-Twist mediated epithelial-mesenchymal transition
EASL LiverTree™, Jaw-Ching Wu, 207683
Multidisciplinary intervention on lifestyle improves the management of patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
EASL LiverTree™, Sara POLICARPO, 207795
Evaluation of the Xpert Fingerstick HCV Viral Load assay
EASL LiverTree™, François Lamoury, 206419
Liver biopsy derived induced pluripotent stem cells provide unlimited supply for the generation of hepatocyte-like cells.
EASL LiverTree™, Diego Calabrese, 206938
Molecular diversity of HDV strains that spread in France: a study of 2224 clinical strains prospectively collected during fifteen years
EASL LiverTree™, Athenaïs Gerber, 207711
Clinical Outcomes in biopsy-proven NAFLD Patients from the HEPAmet Spanish Registry.
EASL LiverTree™, Javier Ampuero, 207817
High agreement with HCV RNA in screening and DAA treatment monitoring indicates that cost-effective HCV core Ag test can also be enlisted in the fight to eliminate hepatitis C 
EASL LiverTree™, Nazibrola Chitadze, 206436
Differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells into hepatocytes is more efficient in spheroids than in 2D culture
EASL LiverTree™, Messina Antonietta, 206935
Cytokine-Dependent Activation of MAIT Cells by the TLR8 agonist GS-9688 but not the TLR7 Agonist GS-9620
EASL LiverTree™, Hassan Javanbakht, 207747
A mobile application for the management and follow-up of patients with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
EASL LiverTree™, Roberta Forlano, 207785
Eradicate Hepatitis C:  a pilot of treatment as prevention in active drug users
EASL LiverTree™, Jasmine Schulkind, 206389
Generation of a unique liver progenitor cell gene signature to identify LPCs and LPC activation in chronic liver diseases
EASL LiverTree™, Stefaan Verhulst, 206931
A novel chimpanzee adenoviral vectored HBV vaccine, encoding multiple HBV antigens with a shark invariant chain adjuvant, for use in HBV immunotherapy
EASL LiverTree™, Senthil Chinnakannan, 207725
NAFLD/NASH patients with compensated cirrhosis (CC) had a high prevalence of comorbidities, substantial liver disease progression, and increased annual number of hospitalizations and associated costs in France: a PMSI database analysis
EASL LiverTree™, Jérôme Boursier, 207788
Long-term follow-up of patients with chronic HCV infection and compensated or decompensated cirrhosis following treatment with Sofosbuvir-based regimens
EASL LiverTree™, Alessandra Mangia, 210732
A phase 1/2, randomized, placebo controlled and open label extension studies of Givosiran and investigational RNA interference therapeutic, in patients with acute intermittent porphyria
EASL LiverTree™, Eliane Sardh, 210730
Award ceremony 2
EASL LiverTree™, Session Speakers, 210729
Primary spontaneous bacterial peritonitis prophylaxis is associated with greater ICU admission and 30-day mortality compared to secondary spontaneous bacterial peritonitis prophylaxis
EASL LiverTree™, Jasmohan S Bajaj, 210728
NGM282 improves fibrosis and NASH-related histology in 12 weeks in patients with biopsy-confirmed NASH, which is preceded by significant decreases in hepatic steatosis, liver transaminases and fibrosis markers at 6 weeks
EASL LiverTree™, Stephen Harrison, 210727
Real-life effectiveness and safety of Glecaprevir/Pibrentasvir among 723 Italian patients with chronic hepatitis c: the Navigator-II study
EASL LiverTree™, Roberta D'Ambrosio, 210726
Gut microbes mediate liver fibrosis in chimeric mice with human hepatocytes persistently infected with hepatitis B virus
EASL LiverTree™, Masaya Sugiyama, 207343
Clinical presentation, natural history and treatment of hepatic sarcoidosis: a case-series of 39 patients with histologically proven hepatic sarcoidosis
EASL LiverTree™, Malte Wehmeyer, 207361
Upregulation of miR-34c driven by JNK and FOXO3 in livers expressing mutant Z alpha1-antitrypsin
EASL LiverTree™, Pasquale Piccolo, 207362
High caloric nutrition promotes hepatocellular damage and steatohepatitis in Wilson disease rats via amplified mitochondrial damage.
EASL LiverTree™, Claudia Einer, 207379
Prognostic Value of 2D-Shear Wave Elastography(2D-SWE) for staging cirrhosis in chronic liver diseases (CLD) in two severity classes according to liver-related complications
EASL LiverTree™, Priscila Pollo Flores, 207397
Reliability criteria for liver stiffness measurement with ARFI
EASL LiverTree™, Jérôme Boursier, 207398
CT-driven Model for End-Stage Liver Disease: Comparison of Survival Prediction with MELD score
EASL LiverTree™, Ji Eun Lee, 207415
Phenotypic characteristics and improvement of liver stiffness measurement during follow-up in patients with Wilson's disease
EASL LiverTree™, Razvan Iacob, 207435
IsFood-intake a Confusing Factor For Liver Stiffness Evaluation by2D-SWE in Normal Subjects?
EASL LiverTree™, Alina Popescu, 207436
EASL LiverTree™, Guillermo Fernández Varo, 207454
Hepatocyte c-Jun N-terminal kinases determine cell fate and carcinogenesis in NEMO-deficient mice
EASL LiverTree™, Mohamed Ramadan Mohamed, 207455
Molecular characterization of autophagic and apoptotic signaling induced by Sorafenib in liver cancer cells: In vitro and in vivo studies
EASL LiverTree™, M. Ángeles Rodríguez-Hernández, 207472
Canonical inhibition of TransformingGrowth Factor β Receptor 1 triggers proliferation of hepatocellular carcinoma andis associated with Toll Like Receptor 7 upregulation.
EASL LiverTree™, Fatma Mohamed, 207492
Analysis of HBV DNA Integration in Tumor and non-Tumor Liver Tissues by a High-Throughput Viral Integration Detection Method.
EASL LiverTree™, Deborah D'Aliberti, 207509
New targets for hepatocellular carcinoma therapy: the Myc/PRMT5/RNAP II circuit
EASL LiverTree™, Cristiana Porcu, 207510
TLR9-mediated immune sensing of bacterial DNA in decompensated cirrhosis is stage-dependent
EASL LiverTree™, Eihab Al-Herwi, 207527
Longitudinal outcomes of the application of non-selective beta-blockers in portal hypertension: Are low-dose non-selective beta-blockers effective?
EASL LiverTree™, Seong Hee Kang, 207528
High-dose but not low-dose enoxaparin substantially improves survival in cirrhotic patients with portal vein thrombosis
EASL LiverTree™, Laura Turco, 207544
The effect of primary prophylaxis therapy for large esophageal varices in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma 
EASL LiverTree™, Hsiao Sheng Lu, 207559
Characteristics of bone marrow drived mesenchymal stem cells in patients with liver cirrhosis
EASL LiverTree™, Ki Tae Suk, 207560
High real-world healthcare costs in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)/non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) compensated cirrhosis (CC)patients with and without type-2 diabetes mellitus (DM): A large German database study
EASL LiverTree™, Ali Canbay, 207577
Functional polymorphisms of innate immunity receptors are not risk factors for non-SBP type bacterial infections in cirrhosis
EASL LiverTree™, Tamas Tornai, 207578
The beneficial effects of non-selective betabockers in secondary prophylaxis are most pronounced in patients without refractory ascites
EASL LiverTree™, Nikolaus Pfisterer, 207595
Hemodynamic disturbances across different stages of decompensated cirrhosis and influencie on outcomes
EASL LiverTree™, Marta García Guix, 207597
Hepatopulmonary syndrome: a spontaneously reversible condition? Variability in prevalence in a prospective follow-up study of cirrhotic patients
EASL LiverTree™, Aurelia Chiricuta, 207613
Is obesity an additional negative factor in sarcopenic cirrhotic patients?
EASL LiverTree™, Daria D'Ambrosio, 207614
Impact of antibiotic prophylaxis of spontaneous bacterial peritonitis on colonization and infections with multidrug-resistant bacteria
EASL LiverTree™, Marcus Maximilian Mücke, 207630
The Indication, Dosage and Duration of Proton Pump Inhibitors in Liver Cirrhosis 
EASL LiverTree™, Marianne De Roza, 207631
Risk factors of hepatitis E related liver failure: a restrospective case-control study
EASL LiverTree™, Yijin Wang, 207649
The role of hepatitis E in acute non-traumatic neuropathy in China: a prospective case-control study
EASL LiverTree™, Yijin Wang, 207650
Mutations in HCV NS3 but no Sec14L2 variants alter HCV RNA replication of natural occuring viruses in cell culture
EASL LiverTree™, Sandra Ciesek, 207667
Expanding the donor pool- decontamination of HCV RNA positive kidneys with methylene blue
EASL LiverTree™, Sandra Ciesek, 207668
Murine hepatocytes with humanized sodium taurocholat polypeptide (NTCP) limit HDV infection in vivo independent of adaptive immune responses
EASL LiverTree™, Marc Luetgehmann, 207684
Antiviral properties and liver specific delivery of a TLR1/2 ligand in HBV-infected in vitro and in vivo models
EASL LiverTree™, Julie Lucifora, 207685
Evolution and persistence of resistance-associated substitutions of hepatitis c virus after daclatasvir plus asunaprevir treatment failures
EASL LiverTree™, Yechan Jeong, 207701
FXR agonist GW4064 represses HBV replication in adult but not in young C3H/HeN mice after HBV transduction with rAAV2/8-HBV
EASL LiverTree™, Patrice André, 207702
Dimerization:  A  structural feature for the protection of Hepatitis E virus capsid protein against trypsinization
EASL LiverTree™, Wenjuan Wei, 207719
The correlations between HBV markers in sera and HBVcccDNA for genotypes
EASL LiverTree™, Takeshi Matsui, 207720
Normalization of NK cell phenotype is delayed after successful interferon-free therapy in cirrhotic patients with chronic HCV infection. 
EASL LiverTree™, Elena Perpinan Mas, 207738
Transcriptome profiling of hepatitis B virus-infected human hepatocyte derived from chimeric mice with humanized liver
EASL LiverTree™, Shingo Nakamoto, 207739
Liver transplantation for alcoholic hepatitis: a systematic review with meta-analysis
EASL LiverTree™, Astrid Marot, 207757
The correlation of obesity with morbidity and mortality in alcoholic hepatitis. 
EASL LiverTree™, yasir yasiralazzawi, 207774
Increasing Trend forHepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) Linked to Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease(NAFLD) in the United States
EASL LiverTree™, Ethan Miller, 207792
Plasma cells in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis correlates with disease activity
EASL LiverTree™, Mehul Lamba, 207810
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is omega-6 fatty acids diet dipendent in a group of obese children
EASL LiverTree™, Anna Mantovani, 207826

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